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Racks and Accessories for the 820 LX Washer

Injector Rack for the 820 LX Undercounter Washer Dryer
Jet Racks

A wide variety of inventory systems including jet racks are available in many configurations. These jet racks are capable of cleaning a wide variety of glassware and labware items. There are 15 different configurations of jets including long jets, short jets and a combination of long and short jets. The numbers of jets available range from 20 to 100.

PST Basic Basket for the 820 LX Undecounter Glassware Washer Dryer

Baskets are used to clean beakers and other large neck items. Lancer has available a Basic Basket Tray as well as a Basket Tray that includes a spray arm. Tall and Short Baskets with Lids are available for cleaning test tubes and small items. Adjustable lids and partitions ensure items are held in place during the cleaning process.

PS 27/IXLC Combination Rack for the 820 LX Undercounter Glassware Washer Dryer
Undercounter starter kit

Lancer offers a versatile accessory for underbench washers (810 LX, 815 LX, 820 LX) with 27 jets on one half of the rack and a Basic Basket on the other half, enabling washing of a wide variety of glassware in the same wash batch.

Pipette rack for the 820 LX Undecounter Glassware Washer Dryer
Pipette Racks

Several varieties of pipette racks are available for the underbench washer including a canister style rack, a grommet style rack and a combination rack that includes Jets as well as a grommet style pipette section on the same rack. These racks produce excellent cleaning results while maximizing chamber space.

Specialty Accessories

Also available are specialty accessories for more specialized items.

  • 4 EP/25 IXLC: Multipurpose rack for volumetric flasks and narrow necked glassware
  • LTC/STC: Small mesh wire baskets for cleaning smaller items and lids. Fits on top of a PST Basket

For further information on racks, baskets and specialty accessories for the 820 LX Underbench Glassware Washer Dryer please visit the accessories page.


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